Lockdown / Shadows

So I have been in lockdown alone for 28 days now: 5 days of self-isolation, followed by 23 days, along with, theoretically, the entire population of India; and now, beginning India’s extension of the lockdown until May 3. Even then, return to normal will be conditional on the number of new cases in one’s area. Unfortunately, Chennai is currently a hotspot, so who knows when it will actually end.

Police and government officials, galvanised, are apparently out in force, blocking access to some neighborhoods, going from building to building to write down the names, ages and phone numbers of the occupants. We are urged to download an app called Aarogya Setu, which means Health Bridge, and which is a tracking app.

And yet. I felt some real happiness yesterday, when I was able to order bags of fruits and vegetables from a local store. I made apple crisp and sautéed mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes and pomegranate juice. I washed dishes.  

The apple crisp was delicious.

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