Yesterday my sister baked a turmeric lemon cake, and today I also cooked with turmeric: I made cauliflower and peas, and tried my hand at paratha, which is full of ghee, which is yellow.

Neither dish is restaurant-ready. I am not a great cook, like my sister, but I felt satisfaction in bringing a number of things together and making them into one thing, or two.

I also ate part of a large papaya, which is largely New Gamboge and Yellow Ochre on the outside, streaked with Sap Green; and a rich Sienna on the inside. So it was basically yellow, too.

One comment

  1. New Gamboge! Had to look that one up. Please paint such a papaya. And does the paratha have a filling? I should perhaps know the answer. You will become an excellent cook by the time this is over.


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