A Tea Cake

I was about to write that it had been years since I had the unreserved pleasure of licking clean the mixing bowl of a cake. Then I remembered the almost-flourless chocolate cake I make every year at Christmas. Still, it’s not Christmas and it felt like an indulgence, which probably made it taste even better than it was. The batter: not too sweet, with bits of lemon rind, and the faintest whiff of turmeric—or maybe that last was my imagination. The finished product was good, too.

We don’t do desserts in this household. For months we’ve banned rice, pasta, and potatoes from the pantry. But comfort food has made a comeback. It will be saffron rice with the tamarind shrimp tonight, nearly three weeks into our stay-at-home advisory.

One comment

  1. So beautiful, and so well staged too – you could be a food photographer. Hope you put it on insta also. I really need to upgrade my cooking skills – but then I’d put on weight… my neighbor gave me a cauliflower last week, and I’m afraid it will go bad, so I’m making gobi- matar today. Maybe I might venture to try making a couple of parathas too — ooh, exciting. Anyway, if this cake tastes anywhere as good a it looks, it should indeed give lots of comfort. It might go well with my coffee liqueur, too!


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