Fabric Fabrications

A year ago, when it actually felt like Spring, I visited the studio/apartment of an artist I’d been following on Instagram (@lauradavidsonbooks). It was Open Studios in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. I came away with an objet d’art, a tape measure, which now sits on the living room mantel. It is all of 2″ wide and made entirely of paper. The artwork is in pencil and silverpoint. It even has a retractable (1″) measure. It is just the sort of thing I love.

Anyway, her latest post was of face masks she’d been making using bits of quilting fabric and elastic. I commented to the effect that how stylish they are and that I’d love to make one but, alas, no sewing machine. (Why don’t I have a sewing machine?) She wrote back and said she’d be happy to send me one and she did.

Today, I mustered the energy to make one for N. using a piece of Japanese indigo fabric, appropriately. No sewing machine, mind you, all by hand. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

One comment

  1. You have inspired me! I pulled out a black bandana and some fabric that is used for the drawstring in Indian outfits. I stopped at that, but eventually I’ll force myself to do it.


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