India: Lockdown – Day Three

That is Day Three of 21, plus five in my case

I caught the sun, trying to sneak in over the horizon.

I am still getting 1 litre of milk delivered to my door each morning, too much for me to use, and the small freezer is jammed. In the morning I took a tall glass of boiled milk down and offered it to the watchman, who is also trapped.  He smiled and refused. I wonder if he thought I am sick.  I should have offered an unopened packet, but then he would have had to boil it.

I ate a frozen peanut butter cookie. Not bad. I ate salad, trying to finish the fresh food. It was too late for the cucumber, though.

As I did my housework, I listened to the podcast, The Fall of Civilisations. Today’s subject was China’s Han Dynasty. The author/narrator’s measured speech is solemn but soothing, putting my small inconveniences into a much larger context. As the song goes,

Losing is an easy game

it’s so easy to fall, but it’s so hard to climb,

pretty soon you’re falling all the time

Maude’s Blues, by Sylvia Tyson

I culled my fiction shelves, working backward alphabetically. I have reached L.


    • So many people are desperate. Migrant laborers who have been fired without any kind of severance pay are walking home to their villages, hundreds of miles away. Who knows how much they can endure, and how many people will die.


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