I bought a fancy printer years ago, shortly after digital displaced film. The printer took up a lot of real estate and was capable of producing prints larger than I had any need for. Contrarily, I printed small 3”x3” prints from a trip to Lisbon and pasted them into a Moleskine Japanese album. Two albums, one in color, one black and white. And then I let the printer languish until it grew old and died.

Several months ago, motivated by big ideas and a sale price, I bought a new printer. It has languished since. Every day, it looks at me expectantly. I have learned not to look back lest I get that tightness in the chest that is shame.

But today, because COVID-19 has given me lots of time to fill, I started sorting through my photos of Chania. Surely, within a week or two of careful curation and editing, I will at last have another album to set beside Lisbon.


  1. I have a Canon printer this time, another beast; my old printer was Epson. I like Ilford paper (perhaps only because I like Ilford film), although I’ll probably buy some Canon paper for the sake of compatibility. The Lisbon books used a matt finish paper. And yes, it’s an all-purpose printer, although it’s probably not cost-effective as a text printer. I have a small home office printer for that.


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